Lenogo iPod to PC Transfer Review

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Easily transfer songs from the iPod to your PC with the Lenogo iPod to PC Transfer. This software is a boon to iPod users who use iTunes and are still trying to figure out how to copy iPod music from the iPod to the PC. iTunes blocks such transfer. iPod songs can be easily transferred to the PC. The iPod’s internal database is used to display all existing iPod content immediately.

All existing iPods are compatible with this software. Another thing that this software takes care of is data loss through a system crash, hard drive failure or a stolen computer. Now rest peacefully, the Lenogo iPhone to PC Transfer backs up your iPod music library to the PC.  Now your favorite music files are protected from data loss.
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Lenogo TV to iPod Video Transfer Review

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lenogo-tv-to-ipod-converter.jpgIf easy usage, high quality of movie, rapid conversion speed and a well featured DVD to iPod converting application is what you are on the look-out for, the Lenogo TV to iPod Video Transfer should end your quest. This ideal software package can easily record TV shows and convert them to iPod compatible format. If you want to expand your iPod Video library than the Lenogo TV to iPod Video Transfer is the best option.

The Lenogo TV to iPod Video Transfer supports invariably all TV tuner cards and compresses and encodes data from the tuner card to the iPod in real-time. It can even support both NTSC and PAL simultaneously. You can also control the image quality and compression ratio through the software. Click here for Lenogo’s free trial version.

Being a smart piece of software the Lenogo TV to iPod Video Transfer is equipped with a built-in scheduler that allows you to record an upcoming program saving you from the pain of sitting up to catch the program. It even has automatic channel configuration. Pretty user friendly, it has simple on-screen controls that you can use. The Lenogo TV to iPod Video Transfer promises better performance and an even greater audio experience and enhanced video quality on playback than its other counterparts that are available in the market.

It is definitely the leader in its league. Priced at $39.95, the Lenogo TV to iPod Video Transfer is a smart option for smart people.

Lenogo YouTube/Google Video to iPod Transfer Review

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lenogo-youtube-to-ipod-transfer.jpgThere are so many amazing videos available on the web nowadays. Watching them online is fun, but I never knew that there was a way to watch these videos on the go whenever I want. The Lenogo YouTube/ Google Video to iPod transfer makes this possible.

You do not need to be a whizkid to use this program. It is very easy to use. All you need to do is browse online videos with IE. The program will automatically download and convert movies to a format that is iPod friendly. Lenogo offers a free trial version that you can download by clicking here now!

The speed of transfer is very high and you are going to be happy with it. The conversion is single step – from internet movies to iPod compatible without any inter format. All it takes is a few clicks.

The settings of the program are user friendly – you can stop the conversion at any time and play the result. This software auto-detects hardware and sets an optimum conversion speed. You can even preview the display if you choose. This is one handy software for those of you who watch YouTube/Google Videos and own an iPod. It is Yours for $29.95. Click here to buy it right now!

4Media iPod to PC Transfer Review

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4media-ipod-to-pc-transfer.jpgOften you need to transfer data between iPod and PC. 4Media iPod to PC Transfer is an efficient software for transferring  files from the iPod to PC. This extremely powerful software transfers video, music, photo, podcasts and TV shows from iPod to PC and iPhone to PC.

In addition, these files can be added from your iPod/iPhone to your iTunes library. Music and video files of formats supported by the iPod and iPhone like WAV, MOV, MP4, AAC and MP3 can be directly transferred to your iPod/iPhone.

With the 4Media iPod to PC Transfer you can edit playlists on your iPod. In addition, creating, renaming and deleting playlists can also be done. There is support for multiple iPods with this great software. Drag and drop transfer between iPod and iPhone is supported.

With a friendly interface transferring files becomes a real snap. Use this great software as a bridge between your iPhone, iPod and PC. iPods supported include – Video, Nano, Mini, 4G, Nano 3, Classic, Touch, Shuffle, Shuffle2 and iPhone. This great software can be yours for $25. Click here to buy it now!

Lenogo iPhone to PC Transfer Review

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iPhone to PC TransferWhen you feel the need to transfer music from your Apple iPhone to PC, consider the services of the Lenogo iPhone to PC Transfer software. With the help of this software easy and completer music transfer is possible from the iPhone to PC. Complete music backup with video as well as audio files is possible.

The transfer speed is optimized by an automatic detection of hardware. The functions are built for comfort and power. There is full compatibility with all iPhone models. Often there are harware malfunctions or stolen computers which leave us high and dry. Often a full reinstall of the OS may be needed for your iPhone. A demo version is available for trial purposes here! Read the rest…

ImTOO iPod Software Pack Review

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iPod Software PackageImTOO iPod Software pack is one of the best friends of an iPod owner. Three iPod software are included in this pack at a discounted price. These are the DVD to iPod Converter, iPod Video Converter and iPod Copy Software. These three together ensure that you can professionally convert and backup your iPod.

With the ImTOO iPod Computer Transfer, your iPod transfer and iPod backup you can transfer files between iPod, iPhone and the computer. All kinds of files can be transferred. In addition file transfer from iPod/iPhone to iTunes is supported as well. Create and edit iPod playlists easily using this software. Also you can transfer among several iPods with this great software.
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ImTOO iPod Computer Transfer Review

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imtoo ipod transfer softwareIf transferring iPod music, videos and photos are what you want, then consider using the ImTOO iPod Computer Transfer, the premium iPod transfer software. You can use it to backup from the iPod to PC quickly and smoothly. In addition it is also a computer to iPod transferring software.

This software features multiple functions. It is easy to use so you can use it without any expert knowledge. Copy and transfer of music and videos is possible among several iPods. Now synching between the iPod, iPhone and computer is easier than ever. Just as a portable hard disk, it can manage iPhone content.
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Lenogo iPod/iPod Touch/iPhone to PC Transfer Review

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Transfer iPod, iPod Touch or iPhone to ComputerIf you want to transfer songs and videos from iPod/iPod Touch/iPhone to PC then this great offering from Lenogo might just be the thing for you. With this software songs and videos can be transferred to PC easily. One issue with the iPod and iPhones has been incompatibility between generations. This is not a problem with this software from Lenogo. All generations are supported.

Many iPhone users face the same problems as computer users. The operating system needs to be loaded anew because of a physical defect or malware in the system. In such circumstances, if your music library is backed up onto your PC you are safe from loss of enjoyable music. Test it out right now for yourself by downloading the free trial version. Read the rest…