Wine Country Tours: Discover How Wine is Made

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Few getaways can exhilarate your taste buds as vibrantly as wine country tours can. These romantic and enlightening trips provide an opportunity to enchant your sense of taste with an array of California wine, as well as exquisite restaurants featuring local, fresh ingredients to accompany every selection.

Wine country tours offer visitors a chance to sample any type of wine that is your favorite. Whether your favorite is Pinot Noir, Pinot Grigio or Shiraz, a tour is the perfect place to enjoy all of your favorites or discover a new love. Adding to the experience is the knowledge and advantages of the experienced tour guides.

Great wine guides can share large amounts of information in engaging ways. They can explain growing, fermenting and aging. They can also guide you towards the best foods to pair with your wine, so that both the flavor of the wine and the cuisine is enhanced.

The best of the wine country tours provide opportunities to taste an assortment of wine. The best way to find your favorite is to sample them all. Because this will lead to a lot of wine consumption, of course transportation will be provided from the hotel as well as between the selected vineyards.

Also ask whether they offer a wine club as you visit each vineyard and find wines which you particularly like. There may be a program where the winery offers you a discount for buying cases of your choice. Or, sometimes, a membership ensures that the winery will send you new wine selections to try at specific time-intervals. In any case, you get the advantage of learning about their offers.

California wineries offer a variety of educational opportunities and tasting possibilities. They also provide fantastic views and gorgeous scenery. The beautiful hills of grape vines and fruit orchards make beautiful and romantic settings for an outing. Consider a picnic. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the scenery on wine country tours. During the summer, don’t pass up the wine caves for a cooler experience. Both Napa Valley and Sonoma County offer delicious California wine and exciting new worlds for their visitors. Discover the new experiences that are awaiting you.

Wine country tours are a great way to satisfy your taste buds while having a romantic or educational opportunity to expand your knowledge of the vast array of California wines. You can enjoy exquisite restaurants that feature wonderful local and fresh ingredients to accompany your wine selection. On your tour of the vineyards, make note of the wines you like best. Also, inquire about the possibility of joining a wine club. A club can be set up in various ways. Sometimes, the winery offers discounts for buying cases of your favorite vintage. Other times, the club’s membership guarantees that you have first rights to new offerings.

– Summer Wilde

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