Lenogo iPod to PC Transfer Review

iPod Transfer Software

Easily transfer songs from the iPod to your PC with the Lenogo iPod to PC Transfer. This software is a boon to iPod users who use iTunes and are still trying to figure out how to copy iPod music from the iPod to the PC. iTunes blocks such transfer. iPod songs can be easily transferred to the PC. The iPod’s internal database is used to display all existing iPod content immediately.

All existing iPods are compatible with this software. Another thing that this software takes care of is data loss through a system crash, hard drive failure or a stolen computer. Now rest peacefully, the Lenogo iPhone to PC Transfer backs up your iPod music library to the PC.  Now your favorite music files are protected from data loss.
The transfer is extremely powerful. The transfer is also complete, backup artists, albums, ratings and playlists are transferred with an extremely high speed. The transfer is single step and direct, there is no mid step involved. Your hardware is automatically detected and the best transfer mode is determined. This fantastic software can be yours for $19.95 only.

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