Movie Data Format Converter From Dvd To Handheld Devices.

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Amusement portable players such as iPod, Zune, or PSP are really convenient. You could transport them anyplace you desire and love the movies, songs, or video games they store on the way. If you love the movies on your DVD and need to watch them on your devices, you should read this article to know how to do.

Films on DVDs are high quality and demand tremendous storage space. In counterpoint, for hand-held players, we choose space than quality since the display and warehousing of these players are limited, for example, they could not show high quality motion pictures as of DVDs and store those monumental data files. Hence, we want to rip and convert movies on DVD to the supported formatting of our hand-held devices.

The first step is to rip, i.e. copy, the films from your DVD discs into your pc. One of the best DVD ripper I have applied is Magic DVD Ripper. It could copy videos from DVD disk to your hard disk, in WMV or other AVI formatting without loss of quality. It is simple to exercise, you just set up your DVD on the DVD computer drive, pick out target location and data format and press the Go button.

The next step is to rip the data you just replicated to suitable formatting of your hand-held devices. You require a video formatting converter to do this step. My favorite video format converter is Movavi VideoSuite. It is fast and useful. It could rip movie and sound data between many another various data formats including MPEG-4 and DivX. Consequently, it could be use as an iPod video converter. You could use another video format converter such as Video Tools Converter if you like.

The final step is to replicate the converted data into your hand-held devices. Numerous devices work as a removable disk and you could copy data files on it like a normal storage devices. For iPods, you need to use iTunes or Windows Media Player to copy and sync the data in your personal computer and your iPod player.

This article supplies a guide for you to know how to backup videos on DVDs to your hand-held devices. Beside DVDs, there are other media sources for your hand-held devices. You could download the motion pictures from Yahoo Video, You Tube or other video recording sharing sites. You could also find and enjoy sound recording tracks from your CDs by ripping and changing them to supported formatting of your hand-held devices.

You can learn more about the best video converters at the Video Converter Review center.

– Keith Larson

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