Windows Xp System Restoration For Beginners

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Everyone has experienced this. We switch on the computer in order to write that important report or presentation, but unfortunately the computer is not in the mood to function properly today. However, regardless of the problem, whether it is the word processor, spreadsheet or other type of software that won’t work, Microsoft Windows XP has a utility specially designed to help fix this issue. This utility is called “System Restore”.

Basically, System Restore is like a little hound that runs behind the scenes taking “snapshots” of various parts of the Microsoft Windows XP operating system. So, if a part of Microsoft Windows XP stops working one day, the System Restore utility is able to reference one of the “snapshots” it took and restore your system from a previous day (a day when your computer worked). It’s kind of like going back in time to a day when your computer worked. All your current data (Microsoft Word files, etc.) are still retained, so you don’t have to worry about losing any present day files.

If you wish to return your machine to its pristine state do the following: With the computer operating, stop any running software. Once everything is closed, go to the “start” indicator (usually in the lower left) Access “All Programs”, then navigate through the menus to the “System Restore” wizard. Once chosen, the software will launch, giving you the choice of creating a new status point or returning to one of the previously saved states.

To restore your system to proper working order, first select option A and then click on “next.” This will bring you to a screen with a calendar on it, which will allow you to select the date of the backup file you want to restore your system from. If your computer worked OK two days ago, for example, choose that date on the calendar and click “next.” The next screen allows you to confirm the information you have supplied, so verify that data and then click “next” again. That will allow Windows XP to reboot and attempt to restore your system with the selected backup file.

The System Restore process takes about 10 to 30 minutes which mostly depends on how much reconfiguration Windows XP needs to do and the speed of your PC. When System Resore is complete, a ‘result’ page will be displayed. If the operation is a success then you can start working with the computer system. All the problems that you were having with the system would now probably be gone.

Look again at the “Create a restore point” option. The purpose of this is to allow Windows XP to create a point ‘frozen in time’ that allows you to save the state of the system before updating drivers or installing a new program. It gives you a little piece of mind that you will be able to undo any problems should they arise. The best way to use this feature is to get yourself into the habit of always making a fresh restore point before making any major system changes or installations. In the event of a crisis, you can quickly undo the damage and bring your computer back to a clean slate. This is a simple utility to use and gives you tremendous piece of mind.

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