Lenogo iPhone to PC Transfer Review

iPod Transfer Software

iPhone to PC TransferWhen you feel the need to transfer music from your Apple iPhone to PC, consider the services of the Lenogo iPhone to PC Transfer software. With the help of this software easy and completer music transfer is possible from the iPhone to PC. Complete music backup with video as well as audio files is possible.

The transfer speed is optimized by an automatic detection of hardware. The functions are built for comfort and power. There is full compatibility with all iPhone models. Often there are harware malfunctions or stolen computers which leave us high and dry. Often a full reinstall of the OS may be needed for your iPhone. A demo version is available for trial purposes here!
With your music library having a back up on your PC, you can enjoy peace of mind. The fast transfer speed and the single step transfer process make this software the one to use for iPhone to PC transfer. The price of this great software is just $29.95.

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