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An authentic New England Clambake is truly a phenomenon to see. Long hours of work go into making for ample entertainment. It starts with gathering the seaweed and culminates with serving the delicious food, aiming for feeding as many people as possible in the form of one large party. A clambake makes for a great conversation piece and is a perfect party setting. If this is starting to make your mouth water or even just intriguing you, check out a clambake.

The first step to a clambake is digging a pit in the beach. You will want to then line this with smooth rocks, these help retain and radiate heat while you are cooking. In order to get the rocks heated up, you will want to burn down a significant amount of wood over it, until it is completely out. Brush away the wood and the ash, so that you are left just with your hot rocks.

Once you have this, you are ready to start getting the actual food ready. Lay wet, and fresh sea weed across the hot rocks. After you have chosen from any number of clambake recipes, you should add all of your ingredients. These should then be covered in yet another layer of fresh sea weed.

The ingredients should next be covered with a tarp or wet cloth to trap the steam and evenly cook the food. When everything appears to be thoroughly cooked, remove the cover and all of the ingredients and share the tasty clambake feast with your friends and family.

The process of organizing a New England clambake last an entire day and takes stamina. If you’re not committed to this level of effort yourself, you can always use one of the many establishments that take care of the catering aspect, so you can skip the preparations and enjoy the finished results.

Regardless of the means by which you come to a clambake, it will no doubt be an enjoyable feast. As an occasion that nearly anyone will savor, clambakes are a perfect occasion to bring together family and friends for a tasty feast of your own creation.

A true New England clambake is something to behold. Hours of work, and hours of entertainment can be gained from the whole process. From gathering the sea weed at the beginning, to serving up the food at the end, the Clambake’s main goal is to get fresh seafood served up to as many people as possible. If you need to do this, and want to have a talking piece and a great party atmosphere, clambake recipes are definitely for you. It takes all day to create a clambake, which might not suit everybody’s schedule. Alternatively, you could have the event catered by a company that specializes in these events.

– Matthew Lewis

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