Aimersoft Apple TV Converter Suite Review

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Aimersoft dvd to apple tv converter suiteBringing together the power of two, in one sweet package is the new Aimersoft Apple TV Converter Suite. Presenting a skillful blend of the two hugely successful Apple TV Converters: Apple TV movie Converter and DVD to Apple TV Converter, this software makes converting your regular DVDs and videos to Apple TV a mere cake walk.

The Aimersoft Apple TV Converter Suite promises full dual-core CPU and Windows Vista support, greatly enhancing its usage options. In its capacity as the Apple TV Movie Converter, it can convert ordinary DVDs and a multitude of common video formats such as 3GP, RMVB, ASF, RM, MOV, MP4, WMV, AV1 and MPEG etc. to Apple TV Video formats.

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Cucusoft DVD Audio Ripper Deluxe Review

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Tired of sitting at your computer all day long trying to convert your favorite music into audio files that are compatible with your beloved iPod?  DVD Audio Ripper Deluxe offers the perfect solution. Now you can convert your DVD audio and Vob to AC3, WAV, MP3 formats in a few quick and easy steps without the pain of creating numerous temporary files.

It is time to cheerfully bid good bye to all those mind boggling multiple programs and sit back and relax while the DVD Audio Ripper Deluxe does your work for you. The software allows for batch file conversion, saving your precious time. You can even convert singular chapters into individual files. It is compatible with all types of DVDs and perfect for ripping movie and music DVDs to MP3 format. The DVD Audio Ripper Deluxe also supports Multi-Angle DVDs and is accomplished in dealing with the Multi-Angle chapters in the appropriate manner.

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Lenogo TV to iPod Video Transfer Review

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lenogo-tv-to-ipod-converter.jpgIf easy usage, high quality of movie, rapid conversion speed and a well featured DVD to iPod converting application is what you are on the look-out for, the Lenogo TV to iPod Video Transfer should end your quest. This ideal software package can easily record TV shows and convert them to iPod compatible format. If you want to expand your iPod Video library than the Lenogo TV to iPod Video Transfer is the best option.

The Lenogo TV to iPod Video Transfer supports invariably all TV tuner cards and compresses and encodes data from the tuner card to the iPod in real-time. It can even support both NTSC and PAL simultaneously. You can also control the image quality and compression ratio through the software. Click here for Lenogo’s free trial version.

Being a smart piece of software the Lenogo TV to iPod Video Transfer is equipped with a built-in scheduler that allows you to record an upcoming program saving you from the pain of sitting up to catch the program. It even has automatic channel configuration. Pretty user friendly, it has simple on-screen controls that you can use. The Lenogo TV to iPod Video Transfer promises better performance and an even greater audio experience and enhanced video quality on playback than its other counterparts that are available in the market.

It is definitely the leader in its league. Priced at $39.95, the Lenogo TV to iPod Video Transfer is a smart option for smart people.

Movavi DVD to iPod Review

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Movavi dvd to ipodYour iPod has a new friend in the form of the Movavi DVD to iPod.The makers of Movavi VideoSuite are proud to present this powerful award-winning video technology. The Movavi DVD to iPod works well in-sync with the Intel Pentium D Dual-Core Processor and the AMD Athol@ 64 X 2 Dual-Core Processor, speeding up the process of converting video files by about three times. Its multi threading and batch conversion features make the Movavi DVD to iPod amazingly fast and an asset to those constantly on the move. The conversion process can even be customized by adjusting the MP4 and H.264 format settings.

Using this software you can easily rip unprotected DVDs for all kinds of iPod such as the iPod Video Nano, iPod Classic, iPod Touch and even for iTunes. It promises high quality H.264 and MPEG-4 compression and comes with easy-to-use video quality presets for your iPod. Movavi even offers a free trial version that you can download by clicking here!

The Movavi DVD to iPod is capable of supporting output from the latest iPod Touch and iPod Nano Video, at 640 by 480 pixels video resolution. So you can now connect your TV to your iPod and watch DVD movies at leisure.

The Movavi DVD to iPod is furnished with unique editing tools facilitating options like cut, crop, merge, adjust, rotate and add watermark. And in case you require only audio from the DVDs, you can save them in the MP3 format. The price for this enticing package is $29.95. Click Here to Buy it Now through Regnow!

Wondershare Pocket DVD Ripper Review

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wondershare-pocket-dvd-ripper.jpgIf the name ‘Ripper’ has set you on your guard, you can safely set you guard down because this software is anything but a ‘rip-off’. Priced at $29.95 the Wondershare Pocket DVD Ripper Review is here to fulfill your ultimate desire-the wish to catch your favorite movies and videos on your Pocket PC, Palm or even your Smart Phones.

A boon for those who are forever on the go, this software can quickly and easily convert the ordinary DVD movies into videos for playback on your Smart Phone, Palm or Pocket PC. It can convert DVD to WMA, MP3 and WMV formats in less then no time. You can even watch movies while the converting goes on alongside. It supports batch conversion and hence saves your time by processing a large number of videos all at once. If you do not want the entire movie but only certain chapters from it, the Pocket DVD Ripper provides you with the necessary options.

As regards customization, there are flexible options to choose from. You are free to pick the sort of video quality, video size, resolution, brightness, contrast and audio quality etc. that you deem fit. Click here to download the free demo from Wondershare.

Best of all, to help you decide whether that is the movie you want,the Pocket DVD Ripper allows you to preview them before you rip them. So now you can have your cake and eat it too.

Movavi AudioSuite Review

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Music lovers are going to enjoy the Movavi AudiosSuite once they get their hands on it. With 5 essential processing tools this is one complete package. You can record, extract and if you have a mobile device, convert for it. YouTube audio can be saved. In addition audio CD’s can be burnt with the Movavi AudioSuite.

All your favorite tracks can be yours on your mobile device with the Movavi AudioSuite, just takes a single click. There are just three simple steps – add the file, choose format to be converted to and hit Convert!
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Cucusoft Ultimate DVD + Video Converter Suite Review

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cucusoft-ultimate-dvdvideo-converter-suite.jpgConversion of DVD’s and videos to a chosen format is a breeze with Cucusoft Ultimate DVD + Video converter suite. Whatever portable device you own, you will benefit by the Cucusoft Ultimate DVD + Video Converter Suite. It makes DVD’s and videos playable on any portable device.

The audio/video formats that can be the output format include mpeg1 and 2, FLV, 3GP, MOV, WMV, MP4, H264 and a number of other popular formats. This fantastic software lets you enjoy your favorite audio and video at will.

The video file converter is the most powerful video converter available today. In this converter, you have three modes for conversion. These are Direct Mode, Batch Mode and 1 Click Mode. In direct mode all you have to do is click the DVD menu to select the movie to be ripped.
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Wondershare DVD Ripper For Mac

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For Mac users, the Wondershare DVD Ripper for Mac provides and all in one solution for DVD ripping. You can rip to a number of audio and video formats. The audio formats include all popular formats like MP3, APE, OGG, WAV, AAC, M4A and more. Video formats include FLV, MPG, 3GP, MOV, M4V, AVI, MP4 and more.

You can then play the ripped DVD as an audio file or video file on your portable player. It doesn’t matter whether your player is an iPod, PS3, Creative Zen, iRiver or any other. The DVD Ripper for Mac from Wondershare converts files into a format supported by all popular portable multimedia devices.
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Aimersoft DVD Studio Pack For Mac Review

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aimersoft-dvd-studio-pack.gifMultimedia conversion on the Mac is now at your fingertips with power and ease of use. The Aimersoft DVD Studio Pack gives you a fantastic three-in-one package. These three software are the Aimersoft DVD Ripper for Mac, Aimersoft Video Converter for Mac and Aimersoft DVD Copy for Mac.

With the help of these three powerful tools, you get to rip to your computer in a format of your choice. Convert among all popular media formats. Not just this, you can also copy DVD with a 1:1 ratio.

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Daniusoft DVD Ripper Review

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daniusoft-dvd-ripper-software.gifThere are many software out there that rip DVD’s Among these the Daniusoft DVD Ripper stands out with its power and ease of operation. You can rip to a variety of formats including AVI, MP4, MPEG/XviD etc.

You will just love the speed of ripping. With so many powerful functions, this is one software veterans of DVD ripping will love. Enjoy your DVD on the iPod, iPhone, Xbox 360, Mobile Phone and a number of portable devices. Click here for Daniusoft’s free trial version.

Customize file size, rip only a clip, crop the DVD video, select audio track and subtitle. There is so much you can do with the Daniusoft DVD Ripper. The free download just begs to be tried.

In fact this software allows you to rip only the DVD audio if you choose. In addition, you can adjust brightness, contrast etc. If you have a favorite scene in the DVD, you can capture it. With built in encoders and decoders, this is one powerful software.

Output volume of the files can be set by you. This software is intuitive and easy to use. All it takes is a few clicks to rip the DVD. The price of the Daniusoft DVD Ripper is $39. With all the great features that are offered this is a small price to pay for a very handy application.

Movavi VideoSuite Review

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movavi-videosuite.pngOften the need of the hour is quick and easy conversion of DVD’s to run on a mobile device. It could just be that you are taking the mobile device along with you on a business tour and desire entertainment. Do this kind of conversion and much more with the Movavi VideoSuite.

Here is what you can do if you own a copy of the Movavi VideoSuite. You can convert unprotected DVD’s and videos. In addition video editing, inserting of transitions as well as addition of special effects and filters can easily be done with the Movavi VideoSuite.

Apart from this video from your digital and web camera’s can be easily captured. In once click you can rotate, crop, cut, merge and split videos. Not only this, original video postcards can easily be created and set using this great software.

In addition DVD’s can be ripped, copied and backup’s can be made of them. If you have an artist in you, you can make hollywood style DVD’s with animated themes. All of these great features are yours in one software – The Movavi VideoSuite at a price of $59.99.

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Cucusoft All Audio/Video to MP3/WAV Converter

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All Audio ConverterIf you need conversion to MP3/WAV from any kind of audio or video format, then Cucusoft has the right software for you. The All Audio/Video to MP3/WAV converter from Cucusoft converts from every kind of windows Audio and Video media file.

One plus point of this software is that it supports Batch Conversion. This means that all you need to do is select the files to be converted, click and they will be converted one by one.

Another great thing about this software is that long movies can be split and only the part you want converted need be converted. MPEG1/2/4 video formats are supported. Preview the video so you know how the conversion is progressing.

The audio quality of conversion is fantastic and the software is optimized for P3, P4 and AMD athlon processors. Multiple AVI files can be converted to DVD VCD SVCD and MPEG1/2 at once.

The hardware requirements are: MMX enhanced CPU, VGA card(any), Windows and DirectX 8.0 or more. The price of this extremely useful application is $24.90. Click here to buy it now!

Wondershare DVD Ripper Platinum Review

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wondershare-dvd-ripper-platinum.jpgDVD ripping is easy with the Wondershare DVD Ripper Platinum. With this powerful ripper, DVD’s can be ripped to almost all popular formats – video and audio. These formats include MP4, Vob, ASD, WMA, AC3, MP3, M4A, FLV, MPEG, MPG, 3G2, 3GP, RM, MOV, and many more.

The quality of DVD’s is excellent and so is the ripping speed. This DVD Ripper from Wondershare is the best among DVD Rippers that support all portable audio/video players. Whatever your weakness is named – iPod, Zune or PSP this software is the app for it.

No image quality is lost in ripping with the Wondershare DVD Ripper Platinum. Even the sound quality remains the same. There are so many customizable setting! expert users are going to love this one. Trim, crop and customize file size as you please. In addition, you have the option of joining chapters or files of the DVD. Not only this, your favorite pics can be captured and saved.

As we mentioned, DVD can be ripped for playback on all popular video audio players. This great software can also extract audio from DVD video and DVD audio. So if you just want the audio part of the DVD, it’s yours. The video editing tools also let you adjust brightness and contrast, select a subtitle and much more. This great DVD ripper will cost you $39. Click here to try it out for free with the demo version.

Lenogo YouTube/Google Video to iPod Transfer Review

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lenogo-youtube-to-ipod-transfer.jpgThere are so many amazing videos available on the web nowadays. Watching them online is fun, but I never knew that there was a way to watch these videos on the go whenever I want. The Lenogo YouTube/ Google Video to iPod transfer makes this possible.

You do not need to be a whizkid to use this program. It is very easy to use. All you need to do is browse online videos with IE. The program will automatically download and convert movies to a format that is iPod friendly. Lenogo offers a free trial version that you can download by clicking here now!

The speed of transfer is very high and you are going to be happy with it. The conversion is single step – from internet movies to iPod compatible without any inter format. All it takes is a few clicks.

The settings of the program are user friendly – you can stop the conversion at any time and play the result. This software auto-detects hardware and sets an optimum conversion speed. You can even preview the display if you choose. This is one handy software for those of you who watch YouTube/Google Videos and own an iPod. It is Yours for $29.95. Click here to buy it right now!

Aimersoft iPhone Converter Suite Review

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aimersoft-iphone-converter-suite.jpgConversion to iPhone format is a breeze with the Aimersoft iPhone Converter Suite. This suite consits of the DVD to iPhone Converter and the iPhone Video Converter. With this suite DVD to iPhone as well as Video to iPhone conversion becomes an easy job.

The powerful iPhone MP4 Video encoder lets you rip DVD to iPhone as well as convert popular video formats to iPhone format for easy viewing on the go. There are a number of options to customize the conversion.
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Daniusoft DVD to MP4 Converter Review

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Daniusoft dvd to mp4Conversion of DVD’s to MP4 is something every on-the-go businessman has a need for. By converting DVD’s to MP4 format, videos can be watched on your portable device and traveling blues can be bid goodbye. The Daniusoft DVD to MP4 Converter not only converts to MP4 format but also to AVI and M4V.

In addition DVD audio can be ripped to MP3, M4A and AAC. The ripping speed is super fast. There are many poweful functions in the Daniusoft DVD to MP4 Converter. Using this converter, DVD’s can be enjoyed on a number of portable devices like the iRiver, PS3, Xbox 360, Creative Zen, PSP, iPod, Zune and more.

With this converter you get multifunctional conversion. DVD’s can be converted by custom file size. In addition any segment of the DVD can be ripped. Trim, crop, select target subtitle and audio track and do much more.

If you want to try it download it (free) and check it out click here. Batch conversion is supported and this makes converting a number of files at one go easy. The black edges of DVD movies can be cropped and the movie can be enjoyed full screen.

Specific clips of the DVD movie can be captured and chapters can be merged into a single file. Customize to your hearts desire if you are a veteran. Set resolution, frame rate, video bit rate and sample rate. Capture pics from DVD movies.

The conversion process is very simple, the Daniusoft DVD to MP4 Converter can be used even by a novice. The price of this software is $35.

ImToo Music CD Burner v3.0 Review

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imtoo-music-cd-burner.jpgIf you need a easy solution for your MP3 CD burning needs then check out the ImTOO Music CD Burner v3.0. This easy to use software can burn music CD’s including MP3 CD’s. The input can be audo files like AC3, OGG, RA, M4A, AAC, WAV, WMA, MP3 etc. In addition CD’s can also be burnt from videos. The video input format could be AVI, MPEG, MP4, WMV, ASD, MOV, 3GP, RM and more. The burning quality and speed is fantastic. The settings of this software are simple, yet experts will find it useful as well. This software does the job better, faster as well as easier than other similar software. Edit info parameters like artist, album, title, gap between songs and so on before you burn the CD.

This software supports batch conversion so you can convert multiple files at one go and much faster. With an easy to use, intuitive interface even novices can use this software. Skins are customizable. There is support for multiple languages like English and Chinese. The encoders and decoders are built in. Bit Rate, Sample Rate, Volume and Channels provided are editable. If you prefer, encoding with CBR can be selected. The output quality is brilliant. This great software can be yours for $25. Click Here Now to Buy it Today!

VSO-Inspector Review

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If you are looking for great, useful software that is free as well, consider the services of VSO Inspector. This free add on reports various information relating to the configuration of your hardware. With this freeware the CD and DVD readers and writers that are connected to your computer can be checked.

In addition also check the firmware that is used. Also have other useful information at your fingertips like the speed supported by a given writer and the media used. In addition burnt media can be scanned to get an idea of read errors. This way you can be confident about fresh backup readability.
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Winxmedia CD MP3/WAV/WMA Converter

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The Winxmedia CD MP3/WAV/WMA Converter is a great software for audio conversion. This software lets you rip all the audio CD’s you need. With the help of this app audio file formats can be converted. It doesn’t matter which format you are working on since most popular audio file formats can be converted. These include VQF, APE, AAC, Vorbis, Ogg, MP2, WMA, WAC, MP3 and more.

The Winxmedia CD MP3/WAV/WMA Converter is not just for geeks. With the easy to use, intuitive interface, even laymen can quickly learn and use it. There is a built in CD player that comes with this software. In addition the built in audio file player offers support for various file formats. Click here to download now and try it out for free!
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Nevo Audio Joiner 2008 Review

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nevo-audio-joiner.jpgThe Nevo Audio Joiner 2008 is a one click solution for the job. It is just 2.0 mb. It is free to try which means you can evaluate it before buying it. After you are convinced of it’s utility, you can then spend the $19.95 to buy it. The trial limitation is a conversion limit of 3 minutes. Complete feedback and technical support is available through email.

The Nevo Audio Joiner 2008 supports many formats like mpeg 1/2 layer 3, g.721, g.723, g.726, ulaw (raw), wma, ogg, vox, adpcm wav, dsp wav, gsm wav, acm wav, mp3, mp2, VBR and more. This audio joiner also supports ID3 and ID3V2. In addition more skin options to be used are also supported. Click here to download the free trial now from Nevo!

So if an Audio Joiner is what you need consider the Nevo Audio Joiner 2008 – the latest version at a price of $19.95. This will do the job for you in a jiffy and with the least effort. With support for multiple audio formats, this is one very useful software. The software requirements for this software are Windows 95/ 98/ Me / XP / 2000 / 2003 Server / Vista.

So if it is and Audio Joiner that your want, consider using the Nevo Audio Joiner 2008. Remarkably easy to use and remarkably effective. Yours for just $19.95.

321Soft Clone CD Review

DVD Copy Software No Comments

Sometimes you feel the need to have a proper backup of your important data. This could happen when you find your important DVD’s corrupted or damaged. You might need an important CD with a Powerpoint presentation and at the 11th hour you find it damaged. This is when you feel the need for a software like 321Soft Clone CD.

With 321Soft Clone CD you can easily copy your important CD’s and create backups. It doesn’t matter if the CD’s you want to copy are Data CD’s, Audio CD’s or Video CD’s. You can quickly clone every kind of CD with 321 Soft Clone CD.
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iSkysoft DVD to Apple TV Converter for Mac

Video Converter No Comments

iskysoft-dvd-to-apple-tv-for-mac.gifThe DVD to Apple TV Converter for Mac from iSkysoft is a professional application for Apple TV conversion especially for MAC OS users. It converts both video and audio. There are many options that come along with this converter.

You can set video brightness as you like. In addition set contrast and saturation to a degree you find comfortable to customize your viewing experience. In addition you can also select DVD subtitles as well as audio tracks.
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Pop PSP Jukebox Review

DVD to PSP No Comments

The PSP Jukebox from Pop Software is your easy solution for converting DVD to PSP as well as video to PSP. It is multipurpose in that both video and DVD files can be converted to Sony PSP supported video formats.

Supported formats include RM/RMVB, 3GP, MP4, DAT(VCD), QT, MOV, ASF, WMV, MPEG and AVI. This software gives you DVD movies on your PSP. Enjoy as you please. The output video format is highly customizable.
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4Media iPod to PC Transfer Review

iPod Transfer Software No Comments

4media-ipod-to-pc-transfer.jpgOften you need to transfer data between iPod and PC. 4Media iPod to PC Transfer is an efficient software for transferring  files from the iPod to PC. This extremely powerful software transfers video, music, photo, podcasts and TV shows from iPod to PC and iPhone to PC.

In addition, these files can be added from your iPod/iPhone to your iTunes library. Music and video files of formats supported by the iPod and iPhone like WAV, MOV, MP4, AAC and MP3 can be directly transferred to your iPod/iPhone.

With the 4Media iPod to PC Transfer you can edit playlists on your iPod. In addition, creating, renaming and deleting playlists can also be done. There is support for multiple iPods with this great software. Drag and drop transfer between iPod and iPhone is supported.

With a friendly interface transferring files becomes a real snap. Use this great software as a bridge between your iPhone, iPod and PC. iPods supported include – Video, Nano, Mini, 4G, Nano 3, Classic, Touch, Shuffle, Shuffle2 and iPhone. This great software can be yours for $25. Click here to buy it now!

Avex DVD to Mobile Converter Review

DVD Converter No Comments

If you want to watch DVD movies on your mobile phone, then consider the services of the Avex DVD to Mobile Converter. This handy converter converts from DVD format to mobile phone 3GP format. This way you can savor your favorite DVD movies on the go.

The best thing about this software is probably its ease of use. DVD videos can be compressed into a small size which can then fit into a 128 mb memory card. Apart from the ease of use the speed is another great thing – upto 3x faster conversion speed. Click here for the free trial download from avex.
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Xilisoft DVD Copy Express Review

DVD Copy Software No Comments

If you want a quick way to copy DVDs and clone them then Xilisoft DVD Copy Express might be the right software for you. Not only does it give excellent quality DVD movies, but it also is fast and stable. The price of this great software is $35.

With this great software you can remove DVD menus as well as select audio tracks and subtitles. You can create a complete customized DVD. If you need to remove CSS encryption then the CSS decryption program comes in handy. With DVD burner functions, this software can also copy DVD movies to ISO files and also burn ISO files and DVD folders to DVDs.
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Daniusoft Digital Music Converter Review

audio converter No Comments

Digital Music ConverterIf DRM removal and audio conversion is what you need, get it in this poweful easy to use application from Daniusoft. With a professional DRM removal mechanism, DRM protected music can be converted to MP3 and other popular audio formats. High quality conversion and copying of DRM music is possible with the optimized DRM removal engine.

Both DRM audio and DRM video are supported for conversion by the Daniusoft Digital Music Converter. Audio tracks from many DRM video fromats can be extracted. In this manner, you can enjoy DRM protected music on a number of players like Archos, Zune, Creative Zen, iPod, PSP and more.
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Lenogo iPhone to PC Transfer Review

iPod Transfer Software No Comments

iPhone to PC TransferWhen you feel the need to transfer music from your Apple iPhone to PC, consider the services of the Lenogo iPhone to PC Transfer software. With the help of this software easy and completer music transfer is possible from the iPhone to PC. Complete music backup with video as well as audio files is possible.

The transfer speed is optimized by an automatic detection of hardware. The functions are built for comfort and power. There is full compatibility with all iPhone models. Often there are harware malfunctions or stolen computers which leave us high and dry. Often a full reinstall of the OS may be needed for your iPhone. A demo version is available for trial purposes here! Read the rest…

Aimersoft DVD Studio Pack Review

DVD Converter, DVD Ripper No Comments

Aimersoft Studio PackIn this DVD Studio Pack from Aimersoft are four excellent multimedia applications. These are the Aimersoft DVD Ripper, Aimersoft Video Converter, Aimersoft DVD Creator and Aimersoft Audio Converter. With these poweful applications at your back you can rip DVD, burn files to DVD discs and convert all audio and video files.

With the help of this powerful studio pack DVD’s can be ripped to all the popular video and audio formats. This means that you can enjoy DVD on any gadget you choose. This could be an iPod, Zune, Creative Zen, Archos, iRiver or any one of more than a dozen such multimedia devices. A functional free trial is also available if you prefer testing programs out before purchasing them.

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iPod Video Suite Review

DVD to iPod, iPod Video Converter No Comments

iPod Video SuiteWhen conversion from DVD/Video to iPod format is the need of the hour, you can rely on the iPod Video Suite from Wondershare. With easy conversion to iPod format, this software is your weapon of choice when preparing your iPod for a long trip. Much of the conversion is automated and this makes conversion to iPod format real fun.

There are two software included in this suite. These are the Wondershare Video to iPod Converter and the Wondershare DVD to iPod Ripper. With the combined power of these two software, not only can you convert all popular video formats to iPod video but also DVD formats can be converted to iPod format with excellent quality and fast conversion speed.

Wondershare also believes in freeware so it offers a free trial version of this suite! Read the rest…

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