Design A Website: A Guide To Web Site Designing

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If you are confused about getting your own web site, then this article will surely help you. Before we start discussing the technical aspects of ‘web designing’, let us first try to answer the question- What is the significance of having a web site? The Internet is totally different in comparison to the real world; perhaps that is why the world of the Internet is often termed as the ‘virtual world’.

It sounds funny but real money can be made in the virtual world known as the world wide web. Money can’t literally be sent over phone lines and through cable modems, but you might think it can. So how does the money get from one place to another? How do you pay for something you bought on the internet when there is no slot to put your cash in?

The term “electronic commerce” provides the answer. Before the Internet and world wide web arrived, commerce was very different and far more traditional. In times past, the main form of currency was the gold coin. This gave way to paper money, and now this form of money seems to be phasing out as well. Getting back to the original point, it’s important to understand that a web site is a very important tool when it comes to electronic commerce.

Why should you design a website? Is it true that you need to have a platform to sell or buy products? In the real world, we go to stores to purchase commodities. In the world of e-commerce, web sites provide ‘online shopping’ platforms’. What is the best route to take when designing a website? ‘ASP’ and ‘PHP’ are the tow platforms (or tools) which are used to create web sites.

Web sites are made up of various pages, and each page uses a site template. When a designer is hired to design a website, they may even use animation. Sites can be hosted on your own server, or you can find a web host to give you web space.

Web sites that are created for businesses and other professionals often focus on the content of the site — the information that is important to put out there. Personal web pages are usually more flashy, colorful and loud. Website designers specialize in putting together websites for different clients. Books and other guides can help you learn how to design a website.

Why design a website? You need to have a platform to sell/buy products, isn’t it? In the real world, we go to shops to buy commodities. In the world of e-commerce, web sites serve as ‘online shopping platforms’. What is the best way to design a web site? There are basically two platforms (or tools) used to create web sites- ‘ASP’ and ‘PHP’.A web site is made up of many, many templates. Other tools like animation tools can also be used to design a web site. ‘Web space’ can be purchased from a ‘web host’, depending on the girth of your site.

– Tem Balanco

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