Pocket DVD Studio (for Pocket PC/ Palm) Review


Pocket DVD Studio from PQDVDThe Pocket DVD Studio is your solution to fun on the run. It enables you to watch DVD movies on all kinds of devices like Creative Zen, Archos, Palm, Portable Media Center, Smartphone and Pocket PC. It is really great fun to have your favorite movies to watch wherever you are.

The interface is easy to use and you can record video files like wmv, avi, mpg, move, dvr-ms, Tivo2go, rmvb,rm, mpeg etc. DVD’s also can be converted into a portable format which you can then play on your device. If your DVD movie is less than 3 hours long, it can be compressed onto a 128 MB or 256 MB memory card. You are encouraged to test it out before you purchase it by downloading the free trial copy.
Lets go through some of the features of Pocket DVD Studio from PQ DVD. It offers you the best quality at the highest speed. The recording techique is the worlds fastest. There are two speeds you can record in. At 3X speed, you get better quality. At 1.5X speed you get far better quality. All DVD titles can be converted with this software. In some cases, other products have audio issues or fail, Pocket DVD Studio succeeds in such instances.

The design is intuitive. There is support for smooth aspect ratio control as well as cropping in preview and recording mode. Black bars of movies can be done away with. The range bar can set start and end points for recording. This software is easy to use for beginners but has powerful features for experts as well. The price for Pocket DVD Studio is $34.95.

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