Nevo DVD Ripper 2008 Review

DVD Ripper

nevo dvd ripper softwareOften you find that you are travelling and want to watch movies on your notebook or mobile MPEG4 player. For this you need files in a format supported by them. Nevo DVD Ripper 2008 is a perfect solution for this problem. It is a software that is used for DVD copying and ripping. With the help of this Ripper you can copy DVD to MPEG2, MPEG1, AVI, DIVX and XVID for easy viewing on your mobile platform.

In addition copying of DVD’s to VCD and SVCD is possible with this software – you need a DVD burner for this. This software checks your CPU type automatically and adjusts to offer the best speed while ripping. With the Nevo DVD Ripper 2008 both advanced users and beginners to ripping can benefit. Beginners can rip using the default settings and rip with just a few clicks. Advanced users can take advantages of the options that help you customize the ripping process greatly.

There are other great features on offer with Nevo DVD Ripper 2008 . It supports previewing of movies before ripping. In addition while you are ripping, you can watch the movies. You have freedom to rip the complete DVD or just the chapters of your choice. The intuitive interface makes ripping a snap. In addition batch conversion is supported in this software, all you have to do is select the files you want ripped and they are auto copied one by one.

This software is free to try and will cost you $34.95 to buy. It is a 14.6 mb download. One great solution to your DVD ripping needs.

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