MagicISO From Yasasoft Review

Video Converter

MagicISO is a multipurpose software from Yasasoft. You can create CD/DVD images as well as edit and extract them. Also, bin can be converted to iso and back. In addition ISO files can be made from DVD/CD-ROM or hard disks as well.

All known CD image types are supported. Any format files created by CD burning software or virtual DVD/CD-ROM driver software can be converted to ISO format. In addition you can directly edit CD/DVD image files. Direct addition/deletion or renaming of files and folders in CD image files is possible with MagicISO. With MagicISO, up to 10G large sizes can be handled and extraction, editing and opening of DVD image files can be done easily.

With MagicISO CD/DVD can be backedup to a hard disk. In addition you can make a bootable CD/DVD image files. This software allows you to process the boot information for CD/DVD image files as well as directly add, remove and extract the boot image for the CD/DVD image files.

MagicISO also gives you the power to make multiple bootable CD/DVD image files. You can use this function to combine multiple OS installation CD’s onto one CD/DVD image file and install multiple OS from one CD/DVD. This software can be yours for $29.95.

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