DVD Cloner: The Easy Way To Duplicate Your DVD’s

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DVD Cloner Version VYou can easily duplicate your DVD’s with DVD cloner. Users can select from two appealing interfaces that come with this software. You can use the Express mode to duplicate DVD’s with a single click of the mouse. You cannot have it much easier or faster than that.

The second interface is the Expert interface that allows for a high level of customization. Nowadays some DVD’s come with advanced features that make burning DVD’s a real bother.

You can copy your DVD or CD to a variety of formats using DVD cloner. These include AVI, MPEG and even SVCD. It is akin to owning four different products at the same time. This software is compatible with Windows Vista as well as a wide variety of video formats.

You can recompile the reading engine in order to copy those discs if you have Sony discs. This software is more powerful and effective than ever before after its updation from previous versions. If you have used a past version of DVD Cloner, you will love the new version with all its improvements.

DVD Cloner provides you with a host of options. You can copy an entire DVD including the menu and special features. You can also leave the other features out and just copy the movie. This also works for DVD’s that contain episodes. Copy all your favorite episodes or copy all your episodes. DVD Cloner will copy your DVD onto one disc without sacrificing quality unlike many of the other programs available. You can get the best possible quality even from scratched DVD’s as it also works to repair damaged DVD’s.

DVD Cloner supports many formats including PAL, NTSC, DVD R/RW and more. Apart from all its other positives, the DVD Cloner is fast as well. It takes less than an hour to copy a DVD. The DVD Cloner does a number of great things at a cheap price. You can own a copy of this software for just $59.99 although the value is $185. It is quick and simple to download this software. There is great customer service should you have any questions.

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