BlindWrite – Game Copy Software Review

DVD Copy Software

It is really a pain when you have a game you want to play and have lost the original copy. Those are days of the past with the Blindwrite game copy software backup tool. All characteristics of the media are extracted to the harddrive and a working copy of the media is reproduced. This way wear and tear caused to CD’s and DVD’s can be protected against.

By using a virtual drive (Daemon Tools) you can run your CD/DVD backups directly from the computer. Many formats are supported by this game copy software. There are also regular updates so that there is support for latest technology.

Along with CopyToDVD, and in combination with it, all your backup needs are taken care of. These include data files, 1:1 CD/DVD backups, audio CD’s and DVD movies. All popular CD and DVD writers are supported by Blind Write. All kinds of DVD formats currently in use are also supported.

In addition, Blindwrite features a new easy use interface with one click style. You can customize the feel of the software with graphic themes. Many formats including .BWT, .CCD, .ISO, .CUE/BIN and .MDS are supported. Technical support is simplified with extended log information and there is multilingual support as well. This is one software you must have in your library at 29.99 Euro.

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