Accelerate DVD to Zune Converter Review

DVD to Zune

DVD to ZuneThe Accelerate DVD to Zune Converter is one of the best software out there for DVD to Zune conversion. Not only is it the fastest of its kind in the world but it is also effective, easy to use, versatile and non expensive.

With this great software almost all kinds of DVD can be converted to Zune MP4 format. With a faster than real time speed, some computers will convert a DVD movie in just a half hour. Single step conversion is on offer here, so there is a lot of time and effort saving.

You are free to try it out for yourself by downloading and running the demo version.
With the speed comes power. Any segment of the movie can be captured for conversion. In addition the target subtitle as well as audio tracks can be selected. If the conversion is paused at any time, there will be no loss of the converted part. This makes pausing for some other work easy.

The greatest part of Accelerate DVD to Zune Converter is the ease of use. Just a few clicks are needed to get the conversion under way. Hardware configuration is automatically detected for optimized conversion. Watch the conversion process in the preview window which makes the waiting time very enjoyable.

The price for the Accelerate DVD to Zune converter is $29.95 only.

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