321Soft Clone CD Review

DVD Copy Software

Sometimes you feel the need to have a proper backup of your important data. This could happen when you find your important DVD’s corrupted or damaged. You might need an important CD with a Powerpoint presentation and at the 11th hour you find it damaged. This is when you feel the need for a software like 321Soft Clone CD.

With 321Soft Clone CD you can easily copy your important CD’s and create backups. It doesn’t matter if the CD’s you want to copy are Data CD’s, Audio CD’s or Video CD’s. You can quickly clone every kind of CD with 321 Soft Clone CD.

This software is not only easy to use, it is also fast and stable. Cloning a CD is a matter of minutes with the 321Soft Clone CD. Also, it does not matter which CD Rom brand you use, most popular brands are supported.

In this software there are different copying modes. These are CD to CD, CD to Image and Image to CD. Also different ripping and burning modes are supported. These include RAW DATA, RAW DAO and Session-At-Once. The file size is very small. The cost of this great software is just $24.95. Click here to download the FREE demo from 321Soft.

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