321 Soft Screen Video Recorder Review

Screen Capture Recording

I321Soft Screen Capture Recording softwaref you want to record the full computer screen or a fixed area of it into an AVI video file for further actions like creating a slide show movie, burn a DVD or editing, you can do this very effectively using 321 Soft Screen Video Recorder.

With the help of this great software you can create perfect training docs, software demos and such useful things. One way to do this is to run the document or software on the screen in a step by step manner and then get the whole procedure recorded into AVI. In addition this software supports your speaking and simultaneous recording of audio.

You can download the FREE TRIAL version here.

In addition things like mouse clicks can also be recorded with a sound effect. The 321 Soft Screen Video Recorder is packed with such goodies that are very helpful in creating software training docs. In addition you can protect your copyright using this software by adding some text to the video.

Convert AVI to MPEG at will with the 321 Soft Screen Video Recorder. In addition you get to choose between various video options. There are also a number of audio options to choose from and recording options as well.

You can record by normal region, fixed region, windows or fullscreen. The software is easily accessible with an icon docked in the system tray. This software will cost you $29.95.

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