321 Soft DVD to iPod PSP Ripper Review

DVD to iPod, DVD to PSP

DVD to PSP RipperIf you want to convert DVD to MP4 for playing on the iPod or PSP consider the 321 Soft DVD to iPod PSP Ripper. This software is perfect for the job of DVD conversion to MP4. With this software in your arsenal, your favorite DVD movies can become available for viewing on the go, whether it is in the bus, train or plane. Enjoy your DVD movie anywhere with the 321 Soft DVD to iPod PSP Ripper.

This ripper from 321 Soft supports output folder, output resolution and output formats. The supported formats include Xvid or H.264 MP4 codecs. Other output parameters like video quality, bitrates, audio quality etc are supported as well. This means that the output can be customized as per your own needs. Download a free trial copy here!

In addition to the different video parameters that are supported for output, there are many different audio parameters supported as well. You can choose to output as a single file or as different files by chapters. Recording of audio sound is supported. The 321 Soft DVD to iPod PSP Ripper is therefore a premium tool of DVD to MP4 conversion.

This amazing utility can be yours for the price of $29.95 USD only.

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