DVD Copy Software

If copying DVD movies to DVD discs is what you need, consider 1CLICK DVD COPY – PRO. This software copies fast and easy. It is also fully featured. CPRx technology is incorporated in this latest version of the software. This means the latest generation of DVD movies can be copied with much success.

The final copy can be customized as per your requirement. You have complete control. The Copy Presets can be used by novice users. The advanced users can use advanced features and select exactly what they want copied and the level of compression that can be used. 1CLICK DVD COPY – PRO allows you to make perfect copies with just one click.

Lets go through the different features of 1CLICK DVD COPY – PRO. It is Windows Vista compatible. You get to preview the movie, extras and menus. Then you can include and exclude these based on the preview. You can also select streams individually for audio video and subtitles. You have full control over the video compression. You can make more backup copies without re – copying the DVD.

This software works great for laptops, since you can copy a movie to your hard drive. You can also copy multi – channel audio. Both PAL and NTSC are supported as are Dual Layer media. You get free software updates for a year along with free technical support. The price for these great features is $79.

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